Boarding School in Guwahati

Your heart will light up when you behold the home away from home for our boarders – GULMOHAR and AMALTAS. They are symbolic of the trees that transform from a mundane foliage of dusty, dry looking leaves into orbs of yellow and orange, packing within them all the radiance of the sun.

In the boarding at RGS, we strive to make each child blossom into those hues that suit them the best, by maintaining a right balance of pastoral care, freedom and fun within a regulated framework.

The school has separate hostel blocks for boys and girls with ultra-modern facilities. The self-sustained campus has a refectory, gymnasium, salon, laundry, infirmary and a communication centre.

Boarding life at RGS, which is available from Grade V onwards, provides a secure and supportive environment to the students. Comfortable accommodation and vibrant environment in the hostels give the students a sense of homeliness and a feeling of belonging. In this ambience, students generally relate to each other in a friendly and accepting manner and think of the school community in terms of a large, extended family. Meals are served in separate Dining Halls with the House Master & House Mistresses supervising breakfast, lunch, evening snacks and supper. An experienced F& B manager following the guidance of a nutritionist ensures that sterile, nourishing, wholesome and calorific Pan-Indian, Chinese and Continental cuisine satiates hungry young stomachs. Professionally trained security personnel have been appointed to ensure the safety and security of the students and staff in the premises.